The future of this software

Unique real risk for this software are laws. Excluding radical changes to current software laws, this program will endure for much time. In proprietary software programs life is rigorous controlled to sell newest version and to continue to make money. In free software a program die only when nobody use it anymore. Look at Emacs or vi, they are twenty years old software: how many proprietary software are still in use since that time? Therefore sdlBasic, who can survive without me, is destinate to live for a long time. So, what new laws may prevent its survive? My fear is laws on software warranties. I can't guaranty sdlBasic functionality. Well understood, if you point me out some code malfunction I will make what is in my possibilities to fix it but a warranty imply a refund so,  I will have to pay an insurance company, a cost I couldn't afford because I don't earn money from sdlBasic. One more obstacle may be palladium, that is a particular hardware configuration who disallow uncertified software. Certification process would probably cost much money and I, of course,  couldn't afford such expense.
In conclusion, must say I fear software patents too: if someone will patent parts of code or algorithms I'm using in sdlBasic, I may be forced to remove such parts who may prevent sdlBasic from working.