sdlBasic is a basic interpreter to write 2d game, it combines the simplicity of Basic language with the power of SDL libraries.

sdlBasic is a cross-platform software; at this stage of development it run on Linux (on reasonable recent versions), Windows (9x and NT-XP based) and macOSX.

This basic is the evidence of GPL license power.
Basic interpreter is from wxBasic by David Cuny ( distributed under lGPL license, SDL graphic libraries too ( are released under lGPL license, the graphic engine was initially derived from the game "aliens" ( written in C and distributed under GPL license and then rewritten entirely from scratch, putpixel and getpixel routines are directly derived from  SDL tutorial and then improved on suggestion from Gigi Davassi, line routine was extracted and adapted from Alvyn Basic source code ( with the permission from the author. I also used the source codes of sdldraw library (

sdlBasic is obviously 100% open source, as all other software named before, and released under the lGPL license.  This means anyone is welcome to download sdlBasic at no charge, in addition   the source code is available too if you need to make special changes.

This documentation is covered by the GNU Free Documentation License (

Developers are welcomed in getting involved to help us in make sdlBasic better and better.

 The sdlBasic Staff