Binding programs

sdlBasic provide two way to bind your programs with runtime executable.


You can copy the sdlBrt.exe executable into the folder containing you program and rename it as the same name of your program. For example you have a program named myprog.sdlbas, you can rename 
sdlBrt.exe executable as myprog.exe in Windows or myprog in Linux. Doing so, you can now start program simply by typing:

or  double-clicking on it's icon on Windows or KDE

Embedded code

You can create executables that embed your program code from inside sdlBasic Editor. To do so, load your program into sdlBasic Editor and choose create executable from plugins menu, your program will be embedded into executable and saved into the folder where you program lies. On Linux machines you have to assign executable rights to newly created file in order to execute it, on windows this in not required. You can now start your program by double-clicking on it or calling it from command line or shell. Be aware that your embedded code is not protected in any way, anyone can easly extract it using a common text editor: embedded code is only a convenient way to distribute your projects.